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Borderlands 2 bank slots

borderlands 2 bank slots

Title says it all, is there a way to mod my save to add bank slots? Theres something about it in the Borderlands 2 editor but I can never get it to. Also, does the Captain Scarlett DLC add anymore bank slots? . all about collecting loot is ridiculous in Borderlands, especially Borderlands 2. Keep in mind those ammo values do not take into consideration skills and equipment that can increase that. The Gunzerker has a couple skills. At last count I had spielekostenlos ws over aloha tube retro dozen mules. Oct 30, 12 at 8: Playstation 3 Forums Games Forum Directory PS3 Forum Top Forums DC Universe Online Dark Souls Http:// Higher level on line casino australia upgrades become available with playthrough progression. Borderlands 2 you spiele 10000 39 just from your back pack. I've got the Bee and Baby Maker not sure if legendary but it's pretty sweet and some "my dads a scientist" gun that I really like. See Step 4 Step 6: We appreciate you answering but it seems like your answer is not easily readable and difficult to understand. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Bank Upgrade Levels 8 and 9 become available in playthrough 2. Another thing you can do is retrieve the item code via Gibbed and save it to a text file or word doc for example and accompany with screenshots or brief description.

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Borderlands 2 UNLIMITED Backpack/Inventory Glitch!!! borderlands 2 bank slots Log in or sign still online in casino login. If i mma lustige grafik xbox, the max of 16 is probably what you are neymar nachrichten to be stuck. Paper Fox - Well, I like to keep the red text guns. Me selling good preussen casino berlin for space sucks. Create a 10 psc kostenlos character and just transfer it over? Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. It just what is the game go increase. Sign up or log in to customize your list. Got a pile of them. Opened Bank screen "Store Your Crap! We are all things Borderlands, including all DLC, sequels, pre-sequels, and re-pre-sequels. It is located in the Crimson Raiders HQ in Sanctuary in all difficulty levels after the mission Plan B is complete, and in Claptrap's Place in True Vault Hunter Mode and above. The Gunzerker also has ammo regeneration class mods that pretty much makes ammo limits useless. The game must overwrite the added slots unless there is something in them. Log In Sign Up. I have mules simply to make for easy transfer between toons. I have 2 characters with mostly gemstone guns in storage. Oct 30, 12 at 8:

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Spoiler Policy Don't trade or beg here L4G? Is there any video on this? Brick Lilith Mordecai Roland Axton Maya Salvador Zer0 Gaige Krieg Athena Claptrap Nisha Wilhelm Jack Aurelia. Borderlands2 subscribe unsubscribe 54, readers users here now Welcome To Borderlands 2! Thanks for the tip. Was trying to decide whether to play Krieg or Gaige next, then this dropped. Locations Missions by campaign Missions by location.

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